Kikkoman Soy Milk Mango (200ml) - 6 packets


First launched in 1977, Kikkoman Soy Milk is the number 1 soy milk brand in Japan. Refresh yourself with exotic, tropical goodness which is just the right blend of fruity-sweetness and soy. Kikkoman Mango Soy Milk comes in small 200ml packs which is convenient for you to bring on-the-go for a mid-day recharge!

  • Origin: Gifu, Japan
  • 6 x 200ml packets
  • Best served chilled or frozen

Staff Review: The hands down best way to drink the Mango flavoured soy milk is as a slushie! Leave it in the freezer and it will turn into an ice-cold, refreshing slushie that you can enjoy on a hot, humid day!