Shibanuma Wood Barrel Aged Shoyu and Ponzu Yuzu Katsuo Set - 2 x 300g

Type: Sauces

Shibanuma Wood Barrel Aged Shoyu (Shiho no Shizuku)

Enjoy the original aroma and rich taste of unheated soy sauce aged in traditional wooden barrels. Enhance the taste of your ingredients with a deep, rich flavour. Goes well with sashimi.

Shibanuma Ponzu Yuzu Katsuo

The scent of fresh yuzu is outstanding, and goes well with the traditional brewery's aged soy sauce, creating a refined umami taste and aroma. Goes well as a dipping sauce for shabu shabu, seafood or gyoza, or as a salad dressing.

  • Origin: Japan
  • Each bottle contains 300g of sauce