The Taste of Ibaraki


The Taste of Ibaraki - Youyaki Imo Shochu [Sweet Potato Liqueur] - 500ml is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Taste the flavours of Ibaraki with a curated selection of Ibaraki prefectural Specialties! 

This box contains:

  • Kanasago "Parintou" Snack, Wasabi Taste - 7gx5
  • Kanasago "Parintou" Snack, Curry Taste - 7gx5
  • Ibaraki Hoshi Imo [Dried Japanese Sweet Potato] - 70g
  • Tsumugino Ichigo Milk Base - 275ml 
  • Choice of 1 Alcohol:
    • Meiri Shurui You Yaki Imo Shochu (Sweet Potato Liqueur) - 500ml
    • OR Meiri Shurui Premium Japanese Craft Gin - 700ml

*Picture is just for reference