[WEEKLY SALE] Tokyo Food Flour-less Curry Roux, Med Spicy - 130g

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Type: Sauces

Tokyo Food Flour-less Curry Roux is made with 100% vegetable ingredients. This curry roux is free of flour, dairy products, animal ingredients, and contains no chemical seasonings or preservatives.

The pineapple, papaya and mango juice in this unique roux create a fruity and sweet curry, perfect for those who cannot handle spicy food, and the flavor can also easily be adjusted with spices for those who may prefer spicier curries.

This flake-type roux can be used in various ways, such as for flavoring fried foods and curry udon noodles.

  • Origin: Ibaraki, Japan
  • The flake-type roux can be stirred into stews or noodles without long preparation and boiling times.