"Chanoyu" Tea Appreciation Gift Pack

Type: MoguBox
Chanoyu 茶の湯 - The Way of Tea comprises of a variation of different Japanese teas from traditional ones you'd find in a typical Ojisan's house to having it as a desert! Together with our Japanese friends at Cool JP, we curated this set for you to enjoy and appreciate during the different moments in your day!

This gift pack contains:
  1. Viva-sawatari Sawatari Tea - 50g
  2. JA Kochi Hojicha Tea - 40g
  3. Tosakuni Organic Guava Leaf Tea - 2g x 5
  4. Choshiya Matcha Milk Zenzai - 200g
  5. Shonan Chigasakiya Taco Senbei - 70g
  • Origin: Kochi/Kanagawa, Japan
  • Gift-wrapped in a traditional Tosa Washi-paper bag