"Furusato" A Taste of Japan Box

Type: MoguBox

Furusato ふるさと - This box reminds us of Japan in every sense! Together with our Japanese friends at Cool JP, we specially curated this set for you to have a quintessential taste of Japan from wherever you are!

From traditional teas to bubbling ciders from weekend trips to fairs to a hearty celebration unagi meal, this box is a definite MUST TRY!

This box contains: 

  1. Organic JAS Pre-cooked Sasanishiki Brown Rice - 160g
  2. Shimanto-unagi Eel Rice Topping - 160g
  3. Dashi Drip Bag with Salt - 5 packs
  4. JA Kochi Hojicha Tea - 40g
  5. Choshiya Matcha Milk Zenzai - 200g
  6. Shonan Chigasakiya Taco Senbei - 70g
  7. Houtokushihou Plum Cider - 300ml 
  • Origin: Kochi/Kanagawa, Japan