Okayama White Peach Jellies - 4pcs


White peaches in Okayama Prefecture are said to be the best in Japan in terms of taste, aroma and color due to the warm climate suitable for making peaches and the continuous efforts of the local farmers. 

Okayama White Peach Jellies are made using the milky white sweet flesh that has been pureed and topped off with fragrant peach juice. When you put the jellies in your mouth, you'll quickly be able to smell the mellow fragrance and taste the rich sweetness!

These White Peach Jellies have won the "Honorary Governor's Award (Art Category)" at the 26th National Confectionery Expo Hiroshima.

  • Origin: Okayama, Japan
  • Each pack contains 4 individual jelly pouches
  • Best eaten chilled or frozen as a sorbet!