Matsuoka Suisan Karei Nitsuke [Simmered Japanese Flounder with Soy Sauce] (150g) - 2pcs

Type: Fish

Karei, or Japanese Flounder, is one of the highest quality white-fleshed fishes that you can get from Japan. Seasonally available in the Summer time, it has soft, white flesh that is lower in fat content and retains moisture well. It is one of the fishes that are introduced to infants or to elderly due to its tenderness and low calorie count. Prepared Nitsuke-style, it is pre-simmered in a soy and mirin broth. Uncommonly found in this part of the world, MoguShop has exclusively brought in Matsuoka Suisan Karei Nitsuke for all to taste and enjoy!

  • Each packet contains 2 pieces
  • Fish comes frozen and needs to be heated up
  • Fish comes precooked, and can be heated up via microwave or by immersing the packet in boiling water
  • Paired best with steaming hot Japanese rice or Japanese noodles in a shoyu/tsuyu broth

Staff Review: Now this is a rare treat! Quality Japanese flatfish is hard to come by and this is a convenient and easy way to prepare and eat one. Beware of bones!