Uni Omakase - 250g

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Type: Seafood

Uni Omakase is a Grade A Uni handpicked (hence the moniker 'Omakase') by our specialists at the Uni Auction at Toyosu Market. It can consist of any type of Uni (Murasaki, Bafun or Aka) that meets the requirements of:

1. Being Grade A in terms of quality

2. Represents the best value within that particular Grade Tier

If you are not too fussy in terms of what type of Uni you would like, but yet would love a top quality, Grade A Uni, this is perfect for you. Leave it up to our specialists to decide what is the flavour of the month!

Preorder only! Order by 11.59 p.m. on Friday every week to receive it on the coming Tuesday!

Do chat with us or email us if you require more information.

*Due to Limited Stock during the year end and the terrible weather Japan is currently facing, we have increased our prices momentarily from $