[CLEARANCE SALE] Melty Chocolate Daifuku Mochi, 3pcs - 40g

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Type: Dessert

Melty Chocolate Daifuku Mochi is a rich & melty chocolate covered with rice mochi and cocoa powder.

Sold by the hundreds of thousands in convenience stores and supermarkets, it is one of the most popular Japanese sweets! The soft, sweet mochi, melty chocolate, and bitter flavored cocoa powder create a fine harmony within the three-layer structure of the mochi. Enjoy the burst of chocolate in each bite and temper it with the slightly bitter aftertaste of the cocoa powder as the bite gives way to soft, smooth mochi.

The creamy texture of this handy, bite-sized dessert, make it a great snack to eat with coffee, or on the go with its convenient packaging.

  • Origin: Saitama, Ibaraki
  • Please fully defrost the product in the fridge before enjoying!