[WEEKLY SALE] Kanasago Delicious Hokkaido Mini Natto, 3 pack - 35gx3

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Delicious Hokkaido Mini Natto is made only from top quality Hokkaido soy beans using Ibaraki's traditional natto manufacturing methods.

Known as a true superfood, natto is rumoured to be the secret to the Japanese 'longevity'! It boasts its own enzyme called nattokinase that has positive effects in lowering blood pressure, improving blood circulation, and preventing strokes and heart diseases.

Due to the traditional long-term aging fermentation method, this product has a rich flavor and aroma that makes it stand out from other types of natto. It has received the "Excellence Award" at the 25th Japan National Natto Appraisal in 2020, identifying it as a gold standard amongst all the natto in Japan.

  • Origin: Ibaraki, Japan
  • Please mix this with the soy sauce and mustard provided.
  • It can be consumed by itself, with a bowl of hot plain rice, as additives in omelettes and soups.