[WEEKLY SALE] Anthony's Popcorn Strawberry - 45g

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Having been manufacturing Karintō (a traditional Japanese deep-fried sweet snack) since 1924, Asahi Seika, has been very particular about raw materials and manufacturing methods and has been passionate about making safe and secure Japanese sweet products that is loved by everyone! 

Using the same honey-making technology used in their well loved karintō sugar snacks, they have applied it to their popcorn series, Anthony's! Using only the best raw ingredients with no chemicals and added preservatives, they have adopted a non-oil "air pop" manufacturing method to pop the kernels, simmering it in a copper pan of stewed honey to make the caramel. This allows for its popcorn to be evenly coated and crispy in texture!

Anthony's Popcorn Strawberry is coated with honey and sprinkled it with powdered strawberries. Using their method, you are able to enjoy the refreshing taste of strawberries!
  • Origin: Saitama, Japan
  • Each pack contains 45g of popcorn