[Buy 3 Get 1 Free] Blue Acres Fresh Siberian Kale - 150g x 4 packs

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Type: Vegetables

Grown in Singapore at Blue Acres Aquaponics farm, these kales are typically more tender and have a milder flavor than the European “oleracea” kales and therefore the young leaves are better for salad use. They are always superb as a cooked vegetable when the leaves have grown to full size. Siberian Kale are chock full of Vitamins C & K, low in cholesterol, high in antioxidants, and even contains a significant amount of protein, making them a power packed health food!

  • Origin: Singapore
  • 150g
  • Keep chilled and consume within 7 to 9 days
  • Suitable for salads, soups and stir fry

Staff Review: Delicious and tender, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Does especially well as a stir fy!