Coffee Factory Specialty Drip Bag Coffee Taster Pack, 5 pack - 16gx5

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Coffee Factory prides itself on its high-quality specialty coffee, which is said to be from the top 5% of the world's coffee distribution. The owner, Furuhashi-san, who is an international coffee judge, purchases only coffee beans that he personally picks. These beans have been used by the world champion at the World Brewers Cup 2016, and have been carefully personally hand-roasted.

This taster pack contains one drip bag of each of the best coffees that Coffee Factory offers:

  • Gold Packet - Guatemala el Centro Geisha, Cup of Excellence 2017
  • Red Packet - Factory Blend: High acidity and low bitterness with a fruity and flowery flavour
  • Blue Packet - Moriya City Blend: High acidity and low bitterness with a strawberry and honey flavour
  • Orange Packet - Tsukuba City Blend: Medium acidity and low bitterness with a nutty, chocolate flavour
  • Green Packet - Fullcity Blend: Low acidity and high bitterness with a honey and chocolate flavour

The convenient drip bags make it easy to brew a delicious cup of coffee just by pouring hot water.