Hamachi Fillet, Sashimi Grade, Frozen - 250/350g

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Type: Fish

Hamachi Fillet, Sashimi Grade, Frozen - 250/350g - 250g is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Hamachi, or the Japanese Yellowtail, is a staple in Japanese households. Farmed in a quality Japanese fishery, they are more fatty than their wild caught counterparts, giving their flesh a luxurious texture and rich flavour that makes it suitable for sashimi or searing. Flash frozen after being caught and processed in Japan to retain freshness. 

  • Origin: Japan
  • Available in 250g or 350g (+-10% weight variance) blocks, unsliced 
  • The fillets are frozen and must be thawed before consumption/cooking
  • To prepare, de-skin the fillet and trim away the red-edged portions and any residual bones. Slice to preference. 

Staff Review: Very fatty and rich. Quality piece of fish at a value price.