Hokkigai [Arctic Surf Clams], Sashimi Grade, Frozen - 1kg

Type: Seafood

Identified by their distinct crimson gradient, Hokkigai, or Arctic Surf Clams, have a moderately strong taste. They are soft, firm and mildly sweet. These clams are in season all year long and are flash frozen within an hour from harvest. Hence, you will be delivered nothing less but the freshest quality clams.

  • Origin: Japan
  • Each box weighs 1kg
  • Comes frozen and has to be defrosted before consumption
  • The clams can be eaten as sashimi, in sushi, boiled or sauteed with butter.

Staff Review: These clams are found in both conveyor belt sushi and high-end sushi restaurants. Unlike the clams that originate from Taiwan or China, these are top quality and taste distinctly different! For all shellfish lovers.