Joyous CNY Gift Set

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Type: MoguBox

Roar in the New Year with our Joy-bringing gift set, "喜"!

Keeping it simple yet meaningful, we have carefully curated this gift set with you in mind. Wrapped in a 100% linen Furoshiki cloth that can be repurposed to hold mikans, little knick knacks and more, we hope your friends and family will love this as much as we do! We even included a golden pineapple caramel candy that is a symbol of wealth and prosperity! 😉

This set contains:  

  1. Ganso Yamaoyaji Japanese Butter Milk Cracker - 10 pcs
  2. Ishiya Seika White Choco Sand - 9 Packs
  3. Morinaga Golden Pineapple Milk Caramel Candy - 64g