Kanasago "Parintou" Snack, Curry Taste - 7gx5


Parintou is a special snack that is unique to Ibaraki! Made with the special Mamenoka natto beans, which have less of a slimy texture, they are designed specificaly to help people enjoy the benefits of eating natto.

Manufactured using the process of low temperature vaccum frying, it preserves the natto's aromatic taste and health benefits without the strong aroma commonly associated with natto.

Wasabi is combined with the natto to give the crispy snack a slight and interesting kick to it, and can be enjoyed by itself, with beer or as a salad topping.

Natto is a regional specialty of Ibaraki Prefecture.

  • Origin: Ibaraki, Japan
  • Each flavour comes in 5 mini packets