Kanefuku Mentaiko Tsubu [Seasoned Cod Roe], Frozen - 500g

Type: Seafood

Kanefuku Mentaiko Tsubu [Seasoned Cod Roe], Frozen - 500g is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Kanefuku Mentaiko Tsubu (Seasoned Code Roe) is a blend of fresh premium pollock roe and other seasonings. Its salty and umami taste will add a depth of flavour to your dishes. Mix this with our Japanese mayonnaise to make your favourite mentaiko mayo sauce!

  • Origin: Japan
  • Each pack weighs 500g
  • Mentaiko Tsubu is frozen and must be defrosted before use
  • Add it into your pasta and sushi rice or make it into a mentaiko mayo sauce to top your fried food with

Staff Review: Make your own popular mentaiko sauce by mixing this with Japanese mayonnaise! Much better than processed options.