Beginner-Friendly Mamenoka LST-1 Special Natto, 3 pack - 35gx3 (Non-sticky)

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Mamenoka LST-1 Special Natto is a unique natto to Ibaraki, created with a new type of natto bacteria, is less sticky and has a milder smell compared to traditional natto. It is deisgned to be recommended to those who are unused to natto's sliminess and aroma so that they too, can enjoy the health benefits of consuming natto.

Known as a true superfood, natto is rumoured to be the secret to the Japanese 'longevity'! It boasts its own enzyme called nattokinase that has positive effects in lowering blood pressure, improving blood circulation, and preventing strokes and heart diseases.

It comes in individual-sized packaging, and can be eaten as-is. It also goes well with olive oil and sesame oil, and due to its lack of odor even when heated, can be used as a substitute for bean dishes in general, providing a higher nutritional content than ordinary soybeans.

  • Origin: Ibaraki, Japan
  • It can be consumed by itself, with a bowl of hot plain rice, as additives in omelettes and soups.