"Mattari" Relaxation Box

Type: MoguBox

Mattari (suru) まったりする - Our relaxation box, perfect for an Onsen day out! Amidst the hustle and bustle, it's always good to take time for ourselves to relax and recharge. Together with our Japanese friends from Cool JP, we have curated the perfect set of products that will get you all eased and relaxed!

This box contains:

  1. Kochi Yuzu Shu - 500ml
  2. Syoujuan Aonori Cracker - 6pc
  3. Syoujuan Kawaebi Cracker - 6pc
  4. Ootoyo-cho Goishicha Goishi Tea [Traditional Fermented Tea] - 20g
  5. Yokoyama Beer Bottle Pale Ale - 300ml
  6. Yokoyama Beer Wheat Beer Can - 300ml
  7. Shonan Chigasakiya Loco Senbei - 85g
  8. Traditional Octagonal Yosegi Zaiku Coaster
  • Origin: Kochi/Kanagawa, Japan