Nihonbashi Noujun Junmai Edonoutage - 720ml


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Nihonbashi Noujun Junmai Edonoutage is a taste of old Tokyo and THE sake of the Edo era. Its deep history starts with it using the oldest isolated sake yeast and goes further into the name of the brewery Nihonbashi (Japan Bridge) which was once a buzzing commercial district and the centre of life in Japan. 

"Edo no Utage" was completed by challenging the reproduction of sake from the Edo period based on the literature, using this oldest sake yeast in Japan, which has survived even until the present day. 

The sweetness and sourness are well-balanced, with a rich yet smooth texture and a refined taste, something different from ordinary modern sake. 

  • Prefecture: Saitama
  • SMV: -5
  • Alcohol %: 15-15.9%
  • Polishing: 70%