Nobashi Ebi [Tempura Stretched Prawn], Frozen - 26-30 pcs

Type: Seafood

Nobashi Ebi [Tempura Stretched Prawn], Frozen - 26-30 pcs is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Nobashi Ebi are stretched, deveined and peeled prawns with their tails left on. They have a sweet taste and firm texture, and most importantly, do not curl up when cooked, making them perfect for tempura or ebi fry.

  • Contains around 26-30 prawns
  • Prawns are frozen and must be defrosted before cooking
  • Fry in Tempura batter to make shrimp tempura, or coat in panko to make ebi fry. Serve with our Tempura/Tonkatsu dipping sauce and enjoy!

Staff Review: Nobashi Ebi is the correct prawn to purchase when used to make tempura! You will always get a straight and perfect prawn tempura with Nobashi Ebi.