Matsuoka Suisan Saba Miso-ni [Simmered Mackerel with Miso] (150g) - 2pcs

Type: Fish

Saba is an popular name for Pacific Mackerel that is commonly eaten all over the world. It is a typically oily fish characterised by its firm flesh and strong taste. High in protein, low in carbohydrates, and rich in omega-3 and unsaturated fatty acids, it makes a healthy meal for infants and pregnant women. Conveniently pre-simmered in a miso-based sauce, it is prepared in one of the most popular and traditional home-cooked methods in Japan. The sweet yet savoury sauce cleverly disguises the strong taste of the fish and truly brings out it's flavour. Saba Miso-ni is a simple, healthy meal to start or end your day with.

  • Origin: Japan
  • Each packet contains 2 pieces
  • Fish comes frozen and needs to be heated up
  • Fish comes precooked, and can be heated up via microwave or by immersing the packet in boiling water
  • Paired best with steaming hot Japanese rice or Japanese noodles in a shoyu/tsuyu broth

Staff Review: The miso sauce pairs fantastically well with the strong tasting Saba. Super common in Japan, but not so common in Singapore. Try it!