Seafood Udon and Soba MoguBox (Feeds 4-5 people)

Type: MoguBox

You can't go wrong with fresh seafood paired with a choice of udon or soba for a great tasting, easy to prepare meal! Everything you need to make great bowls of light, refreshing seafood noodles! Contains:

1. Kuhlbarra Fresh Salmon Portions - 2pcs

2. Frozen Extra Jumbo Black Tiger Prawns - 16-20pcs

3. Ninben Shirodashi (clear dashi stock) - 1 bottle

4. Miyakochi Sannin Mae Udon - 3x200g

5. Miura Zao Soba - 2x200g

6. Marusan Akadashi Miso - 1 packet

7. Takaokaya Yakinori - 1 packet