[Seasonal Limited Item] Ayu Kanroni [Simmered Sweetfish], Frozen - 150g, 6-7pcs

Type: Fish

Ayu is a Japanese Sweetfish, only in season during the Japanese summer. It has a distinctly sweet and delicate flesh that makes it a highly-prized seasonal food fish typically found only in high-end, fine dining restaurants. Farmed at the famous Mori Fish Farm in the Gifu Prefecture, all the fish are grown sustainably in the abundant, clear ground waters of Gifu.

Fish Farm | Kiso Valley, Gifu, Japan 2014 | RW Sinclair | Flickr

Ayu Kanroni is pre-grilled in sweet soy sauce and mirin, and can be consumed merely by heating it up. 

  • Origin: Japan
  • Fish comes frozen and needs to be heated up
  • Fish comes precooked, and can be heated up via pan fry, grill, microwave or by immersing the packet in boiling water
  • Paired best with steaming hot Japanese rice or Japanese noodles in a shoyu/tsuyu broth

Staff Review: Now this is a rare treat! Fish is soft, tender with a unique sweetness found nowhere else! Fresh Ayu can be difficult to cook, so a pre-marinated and grilled one is perfect for newbies.