Snow Crab Leg, Frozen - 430g

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Type: Seafood

Snow Crabs are named for the colour of its meat, which turns from red to snow-white when cooked. They are valued for their sweet, delicate and subtly briny flavour. Snow Crab legs, which are thinner, are great to be cut into cubes for your kani chirashi or eaten as they are. The legs are pre-boiled and cut for your convenience! No scissors required.

  • Origin: Japan
  • Each pack contains 500g with approximately 10 pieces
  • Snow Crab Legs are frozen and must be defrosted before use
  • Steamed or boiled for 5 - 7 mins to heat up
  • Can also be eaten cold, on ice

Staff Review: Fresh with delicate sweetness! What we love about this is how convenient it is to eat. The shells are pre-cut so you don't need a special scissors to dig out the meat! Steam gently to enjoy the juicy goodness.