The World Bistro Steamed Asari Clams in Garlic Butter Sauce - 340g


Asari Clams are a staple seafood in Japanese cuisine. One of the best ways to enjoy quality clams is a izakaya-style steamed clams in garlic butter sauce. Enjoy the fragrant garlic butter sauce that goes perfectly with the sweetness of Asari Clams with convenience. MoguShop has exclusively brought in The World Bistro Steamed Asari Clams in Garlic Butter for all to taste and enjoy!

  • Origin: Japan
  • Each packet contains 340g of clams
  • Clams comes frozen and needs to be heated up
  • Steam the clams or microwave at 500W for 4 min 30 sec to cook

Staff Review: We're convinced that restaurants use the exact same brand. So good and easy to prepare!