The Soup Spoon Tokyo-Style Chicken Stew - 500g


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Is there Tokyo-style Chicken Stew in Tokyo? Well, not really! This clear chicken broth was inspired by a love for Japanese teriyaki sauce. The succulent marinated chicken is slowly simmered in a broth made of sweet vinegar and soy sauce. The stew also contains an assortment of oriental vegetables like lotus roots, shiitake and enoki mushrooms, white radish and bamboo shoots, making this a hearty and well-balanced meal.

Chicken | Dairy-Free| Contains Gluten

  • Origin: Singapore
  • Each pack weighs 500g
  • Store in the freezer or refrigerator
  • Thaw before use. Cook it in a pot above medium heat or microwave for approximately 3-5 minutes

Staff Review: Flavourful and light on the palette! Perfect for a quick and nutritious meal.