Tuna Saku, AA Sashimi Grade, Wood Smoked, Frozen - 500g

Type: Fish

Tuna Saku is a centre-loin cut of the fish with its skin, bones, and bloodlines carefully removed. Prized by Japanese sushi chefs for its uniformity, it is treated with cold smoke filtered from burnt wood bisquettes to retain its fresh, red colour and flavour. Flash frozen to seal in its freshness. Each mouthful is firm and smooth.

  • Each pack weighs 500g
  • Tuna Saku is flash frozen for freshness and must be defrosted before consumption
  • Perfect to be eaten raw as sashimi, pan seared or seared with a blow torch

Staff Review: This block of tuna is versatile and comes in a generous size! It is firm, lean, low in fat and calories, perfect for the health-conscious ones. Great to be shared amongst 2 to 4 people.