Yamadaya Orihime Genmai [Premium Japanese Brown Rice] - 1kg

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Type: Rice

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Brown Rice is healthy choice, but not everyone enjoys the taste and texture. But now, brown rice lovers will be able to experience one of the best rice grains harvested from Shizuoka, Japan. Orihime Genmai - Milky Queen is a new and rare type of Brown Rice, it was born from Koshihikari and sweet rice. It is special due to its quality between glutinous rice and non-glutinous rice. It doesn't get hard when it's cold, so you can still enjoy its glutinous texture.

You will find this rice remarkably tasty compared with the dry, poor texture of typical brown rice. This brown rice can be cooked as if you were cooking white rice in a regular rice cooker. You've never tried anything like this before!

  • Origin: Shizuoka, Japan
  • Comes in 1kg, vacuum packed
  • Rinse free, can be cooked like regular white Japonica rice

Staff Review: Head's up, you've never tasted brown rice like this! Fragrant and not gritty, it sets a new bar when it comes to healthier brown rice options.