A4 Airflown Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Sirloin Yakiniku - 200g

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Hailing from Miyazaki, this type of Wagyu holds the distinction of the "Best Wagyu in the World"! Having won first place in the Wagyu Olympics 3 years consecutively, you can be assured that this is the best of the best. As a result, the beef is beautifully marbled with an abundance of natural flavour. 

Compared to A5, our A4 cuts have slightly less marbling and more texture.

Sear this top quality yakiniku quickly and enjoy a meal you will never forget. 

All Japanese wagyu cuts have a very low melting point and come frozen. They should be fully defrosted (e.g. in the chiller overnight) before cooking. 

Available only for a limited period of time. Certificate available upon request.