Unagi Kabayaki - 330g

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Type: Fish

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Unagi Kabayaki is eel prepared in the kabayaki style. The eel is first split down the back, gutted and de-boned, butterflied and skewered. It is then dipped in a sweet soy sauce-based sauce before being grilled. The tender unagi is an explosion of flavour, with the caramelised savoury and umami aftertaste of the sauce. Pre-cooked for your convenience.

  • Origin: Farmed in China, processed and prepared in Japan
  • Each pack weighs approximately 300-350g
  • Unagi is frozen and must be defrosted before use
  • Can be eaten on its own or made into an unagi don. Blow torch it for that smoky charred taste!
  • Grill in a pre-heated oven at 170° for 10-15 mins, or barbeque to enjoy

Staff Review: This unagi has a generous serving size and can feed 2-4 people. The sweet, caramelised sauce is so addictive and will leave you wanting more! Although it is de-boned, do be careful of the soft, residual bones commonly present in unagi.