[CLEARANCE SALE] Marunami Aka-uo Nitsuke [Simmered Japanese Rock Fish with Soy Sauce] (50g) - 2 pcs

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Type: Fish

Aka-uo, or Japanese Red Rock Fish or Sea Perch, is a popular seasonal fish that is lauded for its mild taste, juicy and flaky texture, making it easy to eat and to de-bone. Comes prepacked and precooked in a sweet soy and mirin broth, it is convenient to prepare. Uncommonly found in this part of the world, MoguShop has exclusively brought in Marunami Aka-uo Nitsuke for all to taste and enjoy!

  • Origin: Japan
  • Each packet contains 2 pieces
  • Fish comes frozen and needs to be heated up
  • Fish comes precooked, and can be heated up via microwave or by immersing the packet in boiling water
  • Paired best with steaming hot Japanese rice or Japanese noodles in a shoyu/tsuyu broth

Staff Review: Tastes like a high quality snapper! Goes very well with the broth that brings out the sweetness of the fish.